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C&C Night 9/16

Posted: September 17, 2010 in Gaming
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Trogar’s Journal Entry 9/16/10:

Our party awoke the next day uncertain where our Cleric had wondered off to. We had made plans the night before to begin our travel toward the Goblin King’s fortress by way of the previously mentioned Dwarven Caverns. Without the help of Crassus we decided to find some more hired help. We quickly found a capable fighter named Claude to accompany us and we set out north from town. Before we could get but a few yards we were approached by a shady looking half-orc named Erock who joined the party after some brief deliberation of whether we could trust this fella or not.

Once again we set out toward our destination. During the first night of camping we were startled by a Hill Giant coming down the road on my watch. I was able to wake Theodan and Drendel’s new squire as the Giant closed toward our horses quickly with its large strides. Everyone else was awoken by the sounds of the startled horses. As the giant picked up a horse and planned to walk off with it, I did not hesitate and charged into battle. I smashed my club squarely into him causing both severe injuries and surprise! The party quickly surrounded him and though we were harmed we made quick work of our foe instilling confidence in our newer members to the party.

The next morning we continued down the road until we came to what appeared to be plans heading westward in the direction of the caverns we were seeking. We began to cross the plains when we were confronted by strange looking floating eyeballs that seemed to explode in a cloud of gaseous spores when struck by our ranged volleys. This continued all day and into the night resulting in some annoyances and injuries. The next morning we decided we just were not prepared enough to finish the trek across these lands and were informed of the need of anti-venom to make our way through the caverns by Erock who has such knowledge due to his previous station in the assassin’s guild.

As we made our way back toward Crossroads we were confronted by a band of heavily armed and armored Hobgoblins and what may have been a witch. After we took one volley of arrows from the band we quickly made the decision to remain on our mounts and make a large arc out around them and continue on without any further confrontation. As we approached the city it appeared that the evil forces must now have been alerted to our movements possibly by the strange floating eyeballs we seen the day before. The city walls and gate were manned by at least 20 armed hobgoblins. Dagodart used his spells and cunning to sneak into town to gather the needed supplies of torches and anti-venom. Upon his successful arrival he told us of the how he was helped by a local, spider climbed and even color sprayed a couple of pursuing hobgoblins.

We are now gathered outside of the city preparing to head back out toward the Goblin King’s fortress. Perhaps before we set out our trusty cleric will find us again…