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C&C Night 9/16

Posted: September 17, 2010 in Gaming
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Trogar’s Journal Entry 9/16/10:

Our party awoke the next day uncertain where our Cleric had wondered off to. We had made plans the night before to begin our travel toward the Goblin King’s fortress by way of the previously mentioned Dwarven Caverns. Without the help of Crassus we decided to find some more hired help. We quickly found a capable fighter named Claude to accompany us and we set out north from town. Before we could get but a few yards we were approached by a shady looking half-orc named Erock who joined the party after some brief deliberation of whether we could trust this fella or not.

Once again we set out toward our destination. During the first night of camping we were startled by a Hill Giant coming down the road on my watch. I was able to wake Theodan and Drendel’s new squire as the Giant closed toward our horses quickly with its large strides. Everyone else was awoken by the sounds of the startled horses. As the giant picked up a horse and planned to walk off with it, I did not hesitate and charged into battle. I smashed my club squarely into him causing both severe injuries and surprise! The party quickly surrounded him and though we were harmed we made quick work of our foe instilling confidence in our newer members to the party.

The next morning we continued down the road until we came to what appeared to be plans heading westward in the direction of the caverns we were seeking. We began to cross the plains when we were confronted by strange looking floating eyeballs that seemed to explode in a cloud of gaseous spores when struck by our ranged volleys. This continued all day and into the night resulting in some annoyances and injuries. The next morning we decided we just were not prepared enough to finish the trek across these lands and were informed of the need of anti-venom to make our way through the caverns by Erock who has such knowledge due to his previous station in the assassin’s guild.

As we made our way back toward Crossroads we were confronted by a band of heavily armed and armored Hobgoblins and what may have been a witch. After we took one volley of arrows from the band we quickly made the decision to remain on our mounts and make a large arc out around them and continue on without any further confrontation. As we approached the city it appeared that the evil forces must now have been alerted to our movements possibly by the strange floating eyeballs we seen the day before. The city walls and gate were manned by at least 20 armed hobgoblins. Dagodart used his spells and cunning to sneak into town to gather the needed supplies of torches and anti-venom. Upon his successful arrival he told us of the how he was helped by a local, spider climbed and even color sprayed a couple of pursuing hobgoblins.

We are now gathered outside of the city preparing to head back out toward the Goblin King’s fortress. Perhaps before we set out our trusty cleric will find us again…


C&C Night 8/24/10

Posted: August 26, 2010 in Gaming
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Trogar’s Journal Entry 8/24/10:

The party still stands in the large alter room on the second level of the icy dungeon deciding which of the two doors to proceed through in their quest for the chalice…

Dagodart uses his keen senses in an attempt to hear what is behind the door that leads in a straight line toward the chalice but hears nothing but an un-nerving silence. Theodan gets out his new trusty auger and begins to drill a peep hole into the door. Suddenly a foul smelling sticky liquid sprays from the door covering much of the group! Flies begin to descend from the ceiling covering the party members that were hit with the goo. The flies begin to sting and bite the unfortunates. After dealing with this issue the party regroups and Theodan once again, but more carefully, stands to one side and opens the door. Crassus and I are standing to the right of the door and the rest of the party to the left. Theodan looks in and sees a chest and a wraith.

Feeling the evil that this creature projects, causes me to briefly lose control of my bladder giving me a warm feeling on my lower half. This armor is going to need cleaned very soon! As we hold fast and decide what to do the wraith moves straight toward us and reaches through the solid wall to attack Crassus. I yell to Crassus to make a run for the chest in hopes the Chalice is there and may help us defeat this foe. The rest of the party does its best to hold off this creature. The wraith takes damage from Dagodart’s wand of magic missiles and begins to focus its attacks on him. Dagodart appears to be aging before our eyes! Crassus finds the chalice and begins a prayer which fills the smaller room with sun light. At the same time I finally land a good strike on the wraith and am able to finish it off before it could do any more damage to the party.

We make our way back to the hole in the ceiling leading up to the first level. Theodan climbs the rope to scout and discovered 8 ice trolls in the room. We recall seeing stairs leading up not far from this room so we make our way to them. We get to the first level and decide to go a direction we haven’t yet to get back to the entrance. The other path took us too close to the ice troll patrol. We ran into another mephit which called for help. The party quickly took care of these creatures and Dagodart was able to command one of them to enter the small bottle he had found earlier. During the process of making our way toward the entrance, we sprung another trap. This one seemed to be a loud audible alarm. We had to make haste at this point and ran back to the entrance where the icy water awaited. With the use of natural and magical resistances to the elements for all but this stout dwarf, we proceeded through the water. Everyone made it through the water and we barely escaped the pursuing ice trolls. They didn’t seem to have any orders or desire to exit the icy water.

As the party stands around this now bluish skins shivering dwarf I decided to ask my fellows to pour oil on me and set me ablaze to rid myself of this chill! It worked like a charm. We lost a valuable flask of oil but I now felt more myself even if a bit sore from the flames.

The party gathered its other two members and horses and made their way back down the mountain toward the town of Karimore. The group sells, re-supplies and spends some coin around town. Crassus commissions builders to erect an alter in which me and Dagodart match his offering to the builder of 300 gold each. During the process of building many things are done including spell mumbo jumbo from Dagodart, blessings and healings from Crassus and ale drinking by myself.

Over the next couple of days more and more villagers begin to arrive to be healed by Crassus. The crowd ultimately calls the attention of the Goblin King who sends a patrol of worg riding goblins to break up the festivities and kill the adventurers. The crowd quickly scrambles away as the fight breaks out between the goblin patrol and our party. We were ultimately victorious but a half dozen or so of the villagers lost their lives in the process. After Crassus and Dagodart spoke with the villagers they were not completely confident in the powers of the creator being more powerful than those of Gleepwarp but agreed to hide the shrine for the time being.

The party now awaits the ceremony to attempt to raise their fallen paladin friend Drendel and decide which quest or task to pursue next…

C&C Night 8/3/10

Posted: August 26, 2010 in Gaming
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Trogar’s Journal Entry 8/3/10:

The party has gathered and prepared to head back up the mountain toward the icy dungeon. I wish I could say the trip back up the mountain was uneventful but we ran into a small group of large birdlike creatures. As they approach I fired two of my magical crossbow bolts which struck one and scared it off. The others proceeded to attack the party. For future reference it appears only magical items harm these creatures. After a brief battle and some wounds we were able to defeat the creatures. We then encountered 2 polar bears. Kendra dismissed her wolverines and befriended one of the bears and we dispatched the other. We then proceeded to the cave to set up a small camp for the horses. Luciano and the groom were assigned to watch the camp while the rest of the party entered the icy dungeon once again in an effort to find the chalice.

We dropped down into the room which we last exited and decided it was best to try and drop down into the hobgoblin waiting room in an attempt to surprise them since we did not have our thief with us this time around. Theodan and I dropped down into the room ready to fight when all of the bluish men previous thought to be dead, began to come alive. They turned out to be some type of zombie. Crassus was quick thinking and did his best to call upon his god and turned almost the entire room which more than likely saved both me and Theodan.

We proceeded through the second level of the dungeon fighting hobgoblins and bugbears in which case I was a bloody mess and forced into hanging back tossing my throwing hammers once in awhile. The polar bear really came through and helped us through this rough time.

We also encountered a few traps along the way. We did our best to find these without our thief’s skills but we did spring a trap or two along the way.

As we worked our way through this level of the dungeon we came to a large icy room which we thought we seen something moving beneath the icy floor. We careful made our way along the edge of the room in hopes of not falling through the ice. Dagodart was unfortunate enough to fall into a pit trap in which he could look through the ice and see what appeared to be a large worm-like creature moving beneath the surface. He figured out that the creatures appeared to find their prey by movement vibrations. We were able to get Dagodart out of the pit but unfortunately lost our bear friend to one of these worm-like creatures.

The party next encountered a large room full of chanting hobgoblins and an evil looking alter. Dagodart called forth an illusionary evil demon and Crassus silenced the chanting hobgoblins. We were able to dispatch the group fairly easily after this. Crassus proceeded to destroy the evil alter and we got our bearings to which direction the chalice seemed to be. We will soon decide which of the two doors to enter. The door which appears to be in a straight line to the chalice or the one off to the left…

C&C Night 7/21/10

Posted: July 22, 2010 in Gaming
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Trogar’s Journal Entry 7/21/10:

It has been some time now since I took a moment to sit down and write about our adventures. After the loss of the paladin Drendel and the arrival of the thief Luciano we were making our way through the chilly ice dungeon when it dawned on the party that we needed to figure out a way to get some rest.

By this point the party was a bit beaten up and starting to feel the chill of this place. We needed to build a fire for warmth and to begin dealing with the mass amount of trolls in this place. I figured there was only about 5 feel of ice above us so we decided to try and dig a make shift chimney in the ceiling. I would need something to stand on to effectively dig. We recalled the large room with some furniture including a large table. It couldn’t be that far away in the direction we were going or we could back track through several rooms. After a brief moment of discussion we decided to press on forward in hopes to shorten the route to the room and back to where we wanted to set up camp.

We encountered a brief battle with 3 ice trolls which were the only obstacles between us and getting our supplies to set up camp. Luciano took the first watch in which he became the target of one of Siffel’s practical joke illusions. When he had woken me he warned me of such. During the final watch Luciano heard voices in giant coming from the next room. They seemed to already be alerted to our presence so there was nothing to do but prepare for a fight. Shortly after that, the door came falling in and giving us a clear view of a rather large polar bear and a couple of ice trolls behind it. Lucian and our 3 fighters prepared to do their best to defend our still sleeping magic users.

The fight was fairly quick but no less dangerous than was expected. The bear was slain as were two ice trolls that Siffel had put to sleep. The final ice troll successfully escaped. We did our best to secure the door back in place and waited out the rest of the night as the casters slept.

After we got the rest we made the decision to try and collect Drendel’s body and make an escape through our chimney and head to town to get much needed supplies and return. Dagodart cast invisibility on Luciano and he set out to bring the paladin’s body back to the group. He made it all the back to the connecting room when he was attacked by a mephit. This kicked off our biggest fight yet in this dungeon involving a couple mephit, a couple more ice trolls and approximately twenty hobgoblins. The party did its best to use tactics to survive and dispatch these foes. In the process Kendra and her wolverines had been knocked unconscious but the party ultimately prevailed and only a couple of the hobgoblins were able to escape. The party quickly healed the fallen comrades, gathered their gear and made their way up and out of the chimney. We returned to the cave to find our steeds and made our way down the mountain to the nearest town.

The town was found to be guarded by numerous goblins so we decided to make a dash across the territory back to the borderlands and our barbarian friends. We made it safely after spending money for horses to ride hard the entire way. We also were able to have Drendel resurrected in time and resupply. We are regrouping now and preparing to head back west toward the mountain and attempt to find the chalice once again.

C&C Night

Posted: July 14, 2010 in Gaming
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Our gaming group moved this weeks session to Tuesday (last night) and it was fun as usual and seemed to be fairly productive. Last week’s session was a bit rocky as some of us got back into the rhythm of the game. I alone was rather rusty both with where our story line left off and the game mechanics.

Last night seemed to flow much smoother and our new group member playing the cleric Crassus is starting to settle in as well. We still have a rocking group and just enjoy the game and getting together to escape real life for a bit.

I have yet to write up my summary, also know as my character Trogar’s Journal. I have my notes handy though and will get them posted to our yahoo group by the week’s end.

For those of you that are into table top role play gaming, I highly recommend Castles & Crusades. There are just enough rules to play the game but not too many to handcuff the group’s creativity. We began this campaign this past winter and though we have had some untimely deaths of characters it has been much more enjoyable than our past campaign using D&D 4th Edition. So if you have the time and a group of friends interested, I would certainly give it a try.