C&C Night

Posted: July 14, 2010 in Gaming
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Our gaming group moved this weeks session to Tuesday (last night) and it was fun as usual and seemed to be fairly productive. Last week’s session was a bit rocky as some of us got back into the rhythm of the game. I alone was rather rusty both with where our story line left off and the game mechanics.

Last night seemed to flow much smoother and our new group member playing the cleric Crassus is starting to settle in as well. We still have a rocking group and just enjoy the game and getting together to escape real life for a bit.

I have yet to write up my summary, also know as my character Trogar’s Journal. I have my notes handy though and will get them posted to our yahoo group by the week’s end.

For those of you that are into table top role play gaming, I highly recommend Castles & Crusades. There are just enough rules to play the game but not too many to handcuff the group’s creativity. We began this campaign this past winter and though we have had some untimely deaths of characters it has been much more enjoyable than our past campaign using D&D 4th Edition. So if you have the time and a group of friends interested, I would certainly give it a try.