Welcome to Vivid Adventures. My name is Chad and I will be sharing many of my life experiences on the world wide web with the help of WordPress.com

I am a 30 something male born and raised in northeast Ohio. I spent 1 year living in a suburb of Dallas, TX and quickly moved back to Ohio where I have lived ever since. My current career involves a fair amount of travel from Michigan to Tennessee to Florida and back up to New Jersey and many points in between. Beginning this year I have started to plan trips to local parks or sites to continue to get exercise and to see new places along the way.

If you haven’t figured it out yet, I am tired of sitting indoors when there is so much to experience outside of my own home. I enjoy both hiking and biking but sometimes it is as little as getting out in my own yard and just enjoying nature and improving the environment around me.

If you do end up staying indoors try to at least enjoy the company of family or good friends. Another of my favorite pass times is D&D gaming. I met a group of local strangers over a year ago and have enjoyed gaming with them ever since. So take a chance on somebody or something and you might just be surprised on the fun that can be had!

— If you have made it to the about page here and wish to navigate back to the main page, please click the Vivid Adventures title in the header above. I am not sure why WordPress does not include a default tab that can be used in this manner.


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