C&C Night 8/31/10

Posted: September 6, 2010 in Gaming

Trogar’s Journal Entry:

Well the raise dead ceremony was a success and Crassus was able to restore life to our fallen paladin Drendel.

After a brief celebratory reunion with our lost friend we regrouped and decided to leave Crossroads and set out toward the Goblin King’s Fortress. We followed the road to make it easier for our wagon and pack animals to make the trip. Not far from the city our party came upon an Ettin arguing with itself. We moved off to the side of the road trying to prevent a confrontation but it quickly started rummaging through our wagon and gear taking whatever it wanted. Dagodart was quick witted and tricked the Ettin into taking the foul smelling ointment from the dungeon trap and rubbing it on itself. Bugs immediately began to swarm and though they weren’t hurting it, they were annoying the Ettin enough to allow us to begin moving down the road again.

Hours had passed and our party decided to get off the road and set up camp and rest for the night. During the first shift I along with the rest of the party was awaken by the watch informing us there was a large goblin patrol on the road near our camp. They didn’t appear to be moving but were arguing on who was going to enter the woods and search the area.

We made a quick decision and Drendel, Theodan and me all charged through the woods riding our mounts directly at the patrol. As we burst through the clearing to the road we were confronted with close to 40 goblins stunned as we rode straight into them.  The goblins did their best to circle around and try to fight the three of us on mounts as the rest of our party crept through the woods slightly to the left. It did not take long before our party overran the patrol. We took several prisoners along with the leader of their group. During the rest of the night we did our best to question the prisoners regarding the fortress. We came away with little confidence in the information but have a crude drawing of a map and some vague information regarding an ancient dwarven city and cavern.

Now it is time to decide whether to approach the fortress directly or attempt to find our away through the caverns and potentially free the dwarven slaves there and gain their help in taking down the Goblin King and his minions.


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