C&C Night 8/3/10

Posted: August 26, 2010 in Gaming
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Trogar’s Journal Entry 8/3/10:

The party has gathered and prepared to head back up the mountain toward the icy dungeon. I wish I could say the trip back up the mountain was uneventful but we ran into a small group of large birdlike creatures. As they approach I fired two of my magical crossbow bolts which struck one and scared it off. The others proceeded to attack the party. For future reference it appears only magical items harm these creatures. After a brief battle and some wounds we were able to defeat the creatures. We then encountered 2 polar bears. Kendra dismissed her wolverines and befriended one of the bears and we dispatched the other. We then proceeded to the cave to set up a small camp for the horses. Luciano and the groom were assigned to watch the camp while the rest of the party entered the icy dungeon once again in an effort to find the chalice.

We dropped down into the room which we last exited and decided it was best to try and drop down into the hobgoblin waiting room in an attempt to surprise them since we did not have our thief with us this time around. Theodan and I dropped down into the room ready to fight when all of the bluish men previous thought to be dead, began to come alive. They turned out to be some type of zombie. Crassus was quick thinking and did his best to call upon his god and turned almost the entire room which more than likely saved both me and Theodan.

We proceeded through the second level of the dungeon fighting hobgoblins and bugbears in which case I was a bloody mess and forced into hanging back tossing my throwing hammers once in awhile. The polar bear really came through and helped us through this rough time.

We also encountered a few traps along the way. We did our best to find these without our thief’s skills but we did spring a trap or two along the way.

As we worked our way through this level of the dungeon we came to a large icy room which we thought we seen something moving beneath the icy floor. We careful made our way along the edge of the room in hopes of not falling through the ice. Dagodart was unfortunate enough to fall into a pit trap in which he could look through the ice and see what appeared to be a large worm-like creature moving beneath the surface. He figured out that the creatures appeared to find their prey by movement vibrations. We were able to get Dagodart out of the pit but unfortunately lost our bear friend to one of these worm-like creatures.

The party next encountered a large room full of chanting hobgoblins and an evil looking alter. Dagodart called forth an illusionary evil demon and Crassus silenced the chanting hobgoblins. We were able to dispatch the group fairly easily after this. Crassus proceeded to destroy the evil alter and we got our bearings to which direction the chalice seemed to be. We will soon decide which of the two doors to enter. The door which appears to be in a straight line to the chalice or the one off to the left…


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