C&C Night 8/24/10

Posted: August 26, 2010 in Gaming
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Trogar’s Journal Entry 8/24/10:

The party still stands in the large alter room on the second level of the icy dungeon deciding which of the two doors to proceed through in their quest for the chalice…

Dagodart uses his keen senses in an attempt to hear what is behind the door that leads in a straight line toward the chalice but hears nothing but an un-nerving silence. Theodan gets out his new trusty auger and begins to drill a peep hole into the door. Suddenly a foul smelling sticky liquid sprays from the door covering much of the group! Flies begin to descend from the ceiling covering the party members that were hit with the goo. The flies begin to sting and bite the unfortunates. After dealing with this issue the party regroups and Theodan once again, but more carefully, stands to one side and opens the door. Crassus and I are standing to the right of the door and the rest of the party to the left. Theodan looks in and sees a chest and a wraith.

Feeling the evil that this creature projects, causes me to briefly lose control of my bladder giving me a warm feeling on my lower half. This armor is going to need cleaned very soon! As we hold fast and decide what to do the wraith moves straight toward us and reaches through the solid wall to attack Crassus. I yell to Crassus to make a run for the chest in hopes the Chalice is there and may help us defeat this foe. The rest of the party does its best to hold off this creature. The wraith takes damage from Dagodart’s wand of magic missiles and begins to focus its attacks on him. Dagodart appears to be aging before our eyes! Crassus finds the chalice and begins a prayer which fills the smaller room with sun light. At the same time I finally land a good strike on the wraith and am able to finish it off before it could do any more damage to the party.

We make our way back to the hole in the ceiling leading up to the first level. Theodan climbs the rope to scout and discovered 8 ice trolls in the room. We recall seeing stairs leading up not far from this room so we make our way to them. We get to the first level and decide to go a direction we haven’t yet to get back to the entrance. The other path took us too close to the ice troll patrol. We ran into another mephit which called for help. The party quickly took care of these creatures and Dagodart was able to command one of them to enter the small bottle he had found earlier. During the process of making our way toward the entrance, we sprung another trap. This one seemed to be a loud audible alarm. We had to make haste at this point and ran back to the entrance where the icy water awaited. With the use of natural and magical resistances to the elements for all but this stout dwarf, we proceeded through the water. Everyone made it through the water and we barely escaped the pursuing ice trolls. They didn’t seem to have any orders or desire to exit the icy water.

As the party stands around this now bluish skins shivering dwarf I decided to ask my fellows to pour oil on me and set me ablaze to rid myself of this chill! It worked like a charm. We lost a valuable flask of oil but I now felt more myself even if a bit sore from the flames.

The party gathered its other two members and horses and made their way back down the mountain toward the town of Karimore. The group sells, re-supplies and spends some coin around town. Crassus commissions builders to erect an alter in which me and Dagodart match his offering to the builder of 300 gold each. During the process of building many things are done including spell mumbo jumbo from Dagodart, blessings and healings from Crassus and ale drinking by myself.

Over the next couple of days more and more villagers begin to arrive to be healed by Crassus. The crowd ultimately calls the attention of the Goblin King who sends a patrol of worg riding goblins to break up the festivities and kill the adventurers. The crowd quickly scrambles away as the fight breaks out between the goblin patrol and our party. We were ultimately victorious but a half dozen or so of the villagers lost their lives in the process. After Crassus and Dagodart spoke with the villagers they were not completely confident in the powers of the creator being more powerful than those of Gleepwarp but agreed to hide the shrine for the time being.

The party now awaits the ceremony to attempt to raise their fallen paladin friend Drendel and decide which quest or task to pursue next…


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