C&C Night 7/21/10

Posted: July 22, 2010 in Gaming
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Trogar’s Journal Entry 7/21/10:

It has been some time now since I took a moment to sit down and write about our adventures. After the loss of the paladin Drendel and the arrival of the thief Luciano we were making our way through the chilly ice dungeon when it dawned on the party that we needed to figure out a way to get some rest.

By this point the party was a bit beaten up and starting to feel the chill of this place. We needed to build a fire for warmth and to begin dealing with the mass amount of trolls in this place. I figured there was only about 5 feel of ice above us so we decided to try and dig a make shift chimney in the ceiling. I would need something to stand on to effectively dig. We recalled the large room with some furniture including a large table. It couldn’t be that far away in the direction we were going or we could back track through several rooms. After a brief moment of discussion we decided to press on forward in hopes to shorten the route to the room and back to where we wanted to set up camp.

We encountered a brief battle with 3 ice trolls which were the only obstacles between us and getting our supplies to set up camp. Luciano took the first watch in which he became the target of one of Siffel’s practical joke illusions. When he had woken me he warned me of such. During the final watch Luciano heard voices in giant coming from the next room. They seemed to already be alerted to our presence so there was nothing to do but prepare for a fight. Shortly after that, the door came falling in and giving us a clear view of a rather large polar bear and a couple of ice trolls behind it. Lucian and our 3 fighters prepared to do their best to defend our still sleeping magic users.

The fight was fairly quick but no less dangerous than was expected. The bear was slain as were two ice trolls that Siffel had put to sleep. The final ice troll successfully escaped. We did our best to secure the door back in place and waited out the rest of the night as the casters slept.

After we got the rest we made the decision to try and collect Drendel’s body and make an escape through our chimney and head to town to get much needed supplies and return. Dagodart cast invisibility on Luciano and he set out to bring the paladin’s body back to the group. He made it all the back to the connecting room when he was attacked by a mephit. This kicked off our biggest fight yet in this dungeon involving a couple mephit, a couple more ice trolls and approximately twenty hobgoblins. The party did its best to use tactics to survive and dispatch these foes. In the process Kendra and her wolverines had been knocked unconscious but the party ultimately prevailed and only a couple of the hobgoblins were able to escape. The party quickly healed the fallen comrades, gathered their gear and made their way up and out of the chimney. We returned to the cave to find our steeds and made our way down the mountain to the nearest town.

The town was found to be guarded by numerous goblins so we decided to make a dash across the territory back to the borderlands and our barbarian friends. We made it safely after spending money for horses to ride hard the entire way. We also were able to have Drendel resurrected in time and resupply. We are regrouping now and preparing to head back west toward the mountain and attempt to find the chalice once again.


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