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Posted: July 20, 2010 in Home Improvement
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I found some time during this past week to get a couple of things marked off of the To-Do list finally. The first goal accomplished was the creation of my new workbench in the basement both for home improvements and for hobbies as I find time for them.

I had originally planned on creating the workbench from scratch using a simple design I found on the internet. However, this past week I found a “kit” by 2×4 Basics that supplies the design and all hardware needed. The only thing I had to purchase was the lumber and any tools I might not have. All that was needed for this project was a power drill with screwdriver attachment and a circular saw. Since I had both of these I then turned to the lumber which I had the majority already from what I purchased to make the original plan from scratch. I only had to purchase 3 – 2″x4″x96″ studs and 2 – 2’x4′ sheets of plywood. I purchased the pre-cut plywood since I wasn’t sure on the weather this weekend and I was tackling this project in my basement with limited room.

The entire project went very smoothly without any help. The final product is extremely solid and I would feel comfortable with me and another adult standing on top of this thing. The only other alteration I ended up making was the purchase of a 2’x4′ piece of pegboard to attach to the back for easily accessible storage.

This project was a test run for a larger one to come. The first kit I seen from 2×4 Basics was for a small shed. That project will be tackled next month as my next couple of weekends are already booked full.


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